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Louisa Valentine's Fiction

Families matter! Love matters! Especially in Louisa Valentine's 'sweet' romance stories. Not that she likes that word ‘sweet’, as her stories are often about complex relationships - but it’s a shortcut clue that the bedroom door remains closed, or slightly ajar. Many readers would describe her writing as 'women's fiction'. 

Louisa Valentine is an Australian author but each story is set in one of the many places around the world where she has lived and worked. See looking-for-love-in-all-right-places

Her themes so far? A love triangle. A rural romance. A boss romance. Career women. A secret baby. Infertile couples. Star-crossed lovers longing for something - and someone - seemingly out of reach. Second chances. And that's why she writes what she writes. All definitely fiction, not fact! Happy endings guaranteed.

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Follow Louisa Valentine on her Blog and on Facebook and on Instagram

If you are a keen reader/reviewer and would like to obtain a complimentary copy of a Louisa Valentine book for review purposes, then try one of these links to see if you are eligible:

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