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Note that the book is a biography of Paul Bushell. So much information about the Bushell family has been unearthed that a separate book has been drafted covering the lives of the ten children born to Paul Bushell and his second wife Isabella Brown, and her son William Brown. Claims of some earlier researchers have been disproved - Paul had no children with Jane Sharp, but raised one foster child with her, Isabella Jane Forrester. Forrester descendants will find much to interest them in the Bushell book.

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News and Updates

7 Aug 2010: Book launch at Library, Windsor, NSW by well-known historian Michael Flynn, author of The Second Fleet, Britain's Grim Convict Armada of 1790.

Photo 56 on page 258 was marked in an old album as that of Paul Bushell's wife Isabella, but is more likely to be a photo of his daughter Isabella.

25 May 2011: Paul Bushell, Second Fleeter disqualified as an entry in the Alexander Henderson Award 2010, as deemed to be a biography. Eligible for the forthcoming new Don Grant Award for a biography.

24 June 2013: The judges inadvertently overlooked consideration of Paul Bushell, Second Fleeter for the inaugural Don Grant Award, 2012.

25 May 2014: Paul Bushell, Second Fleeter was Highly Commended in the Don Grant Award, 2013

REMEMBER - to keep up with general news related to this book, see my Blog about the Bushell family.

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Louise Wilson, South Melbourne, VIC, August 2010
Paperback, perfect bound, 430 A5 pages, colour and black & white illustrations 
- Online using your credit card at Bookpod
- At Hawkesbury Regional Museum, 8 Baker St, Windsor
- At Schoolmaster's House, Ebenezer Church, Coromandel Road, Ebenezer

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