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Two young 'expat' couples struggle with lives that haven’t gone according to plan.


Sarah Robinson and her husband Andrew long for children, but hide their infertility problems.


Jack Martin and his wife Jenny have two small children, whose arrival forced a marriage before Jack and Jenny were ready for it.


Frustrated by the cards she’s been dealt, and plagued by a sense of yearning, Sarah immerses herself in her job, working for Jack in a spectacular country offering the adventure of a lifetime. She gradually blossoms as a woman in the professional workforce but—she falls in love with Jack and reaches a crucial turning point in her life.


Whose happiness will she protect? Will she - can she - give up the man she loves?

Readers' Comments


For 'Still Waters Run Deep':

  • A page turner. Started it yesterday and probably would have finished it but had to leave for childcare duties. Found the description of New Guinea interesting. Liked the subtle feminism message e.g. female's tendency to see deficiencies in oneself when there is a problem with others. Could identify with the time it is set in. Lyn Payne
  • Very impressed. Jacqui Hagan
  • Beautifully written. Martin Reddington
  • I love this author. I couldn’t wait for her third book to hit my Kindle and I am not disappointed. Jack and Sarah’s story is another sweet and poignant romance that tugged at my heartstrings and brought a tear to my eye. That’s not to say it is a sad story. Watching Sarah and Jack tussle with lives that take them in different directions, but along a star-gazed path to each other, was a pleasure to read. Papua New Guinea is the setting and the author’s attention to detail and obvious love of the country are clear on the page and added to my enjoyment. I have never been there, but I feel I know the place a lot better now. Bonus. Eliza Renton
  • I liked the strong moral perspective and resolve by Sarah and Jack to honour spousal commitments, rather than regretting getting into an affair and living a deceitful double life. To base much of the story around the themes of honesty and authenticity gave the novel refreshing strength. Well done. Glenda B


News and Updates

'Still Waters Run Deep' was published on May Day, 1 May 2022.


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Publication Details


Still Waters Run Deep
Louisa Valentine
Louise Wilson, South Melbourne, VIC, 1 May 2022 
Ebook, 270 pages 
Paperback, 342 pages 

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'Still Waters Run Deep' can be purchased here.




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