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As well as telling the 'Charles and Ann' story, the book contains a separate chapter for each child:
  • Jane Martin, who married Frederick Nicholls
  • Elizabeth Ann Martin, who married Philip Devine
  • Isabella Jane Martin, who married William John Dolley
  • Margaret Martin, who married Alfred Bushell
  • Lucy Martin, who married James Richard Graham
  • Mary Ann Martin, who married John Daley
  • Charles Robert Martin, who married Ann Jane Hill
  • William John Martin, who married Mary Becroft
  • Susannah Martin, who married William Norris
  • Martha Martin, who died young
  • Emma Maria Martin, who married George Greentree
  • Henry Edward Martin, who was unmarried
Southwark Luck: the story of Charles Homer Martin, Ann Forrester & their children is Louise Wilson's third non-fiction book dealing with the early history of the Hawkesbury region. It narrates a life story quite different from that led by Robert Forrester, First Fleeter and Paul Bushell, Second Fleeter, reflecting the great diversity of experience among Australia's convict pioneers.
Thoroughly researched,  Southwark Luck includes local and social history of interest to anyone fascinated by Australia's early colonial years. Readers may like to reflect upon how much luck came Charley's way after his formative years spent in Southwark (pronounced 'Suthuck', which rhymes with 'luck'), and why the oblique comment 'It's the Martin in him' has passed down the generations.
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Readers' Comments

The book was released on 31 August 2012. In June 2013 it was judged as the Alexander Henderson Award winner for 2012. Check out the excellent review on Goodreads. Here is some other reader feedback

News and Updates

UPDATE, Wed 12 Sep 2012 - Careful editing notwithstanding, thanks to Ian Nicholls and his eagle eyes I now realise that there are a few minor discrepancies between the information in Appendix 2 (generated by my data base) and the main body of the text. It is the latter which is correct. My apologies. Also, on page 222, delete the word Windsor from the end of line 5 and, further down the page, 'Meridith' should be 'Meredith'.  Hopefully there are no other glitches. 

UPDATE, Thur 20 Sep 2012 - There is a mass of detail in a family history and keen Hill family researcher Wendy Plunkett has spotted two more minor problems. On page 241 - Elizabeth Pearson was the daughter of one convict, not two. On page 253, line 3 - delete the words 'in Eulo'. I'm making a point of correcting all these minor issues as I have wasted a lot of research time over the years because of errors in the published works of other writers. I'm trying to save other researchers from chasing any 'red herrings' which might exist in my work. 

NEWS, Wed 10 Oct 2012 - Helen Webberley likes 'Southwark Luck' - see ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly 

NEWS, Sat 28 Oct 2012 - Check out the excellent review just added to Goodreads. You're welcome to add your rating and review to that site. 

NEWS, Thu 4 Apr 2013 - Another pleasing review - by Carole Riley in 'Descent', The Journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists, March 2013, Vol 43, Part 1, p 36, PLUS a mention by Donna Newton on the Book Notes page of 'History', the Magazine of the Royal Australian Historical Society, March 2013, No 115, p 31 

NEWS, Sun 23 Jun 2013 - The Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies judged 'Southwark Luck' to be the NATIONAL WINNER of the Alexander Henderson Award, 2012. For more details, see ...  

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Publication Details

Published Louise Wilson, South Melbourne, VIC, August 2012 
Format Paperback, perfect bound, 408 A5 pages, black & white illustrations 
ISBN 978-0-9804478-4-2
Available - Online using your credit card at Bookpod.
- At Hawkesbury Regional Museum, 8 Baker St, Windsor, NSW Tel 02 4560 4655

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