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Louisa Valentine's Fiction


Families matter! Love matters! Especially in Louisa Valentine's 'sweet' romance stories. Not that she likes that word ‘sweet’, as her stories are often about complex relationships - but it’s a shortcut clue that the bedroom door remains closed, or slightly ajar. Many readers would describe her writing as 'women's fiction'. 


Louisa Valentine is an Australian author but each story is set in one of the many places around the world where she has lived and worked. See looking-for-love-in-all-right-places


Her themes so far? A love triangle. A rural romance. A boss romance. Career women. A secret baby. Infertile couples. Star-crossed lovers longing for something - and someone - seemingly out of reach. Second chances. And that's why she writes what she writes. All definitely fiction, not fact! Happy endings guaranteed.



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Still Waters Run Deep

Published 1 May 2022.

Could you - would you - give up the man you love?
Two young couples struggle with lives that haven’t gone according to plan.

Jack and his wife Jenny have two small children, after a shotgun marriage.

Sarah and her husband Andrew long for children, but their dreams are dashed by infertility.

Frustrated by the cards she’s been dealt, and plagued by a sense of yearning, Sarah immerses herself in her job, working for Jack in a spectacular underdeveloped country offering the adventure of a lifetime.

She gradually blossoms as a woman in the professional workforce but—she falls in love with Jack and reaches a crucial turning point in her life.

Parents and children are involved. Whose happiness will Sarah protect?
An unconventional, second-chance romance.

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Trading Secrets

Published Feb 2021.

Nicola Pearson is a new recruit to the Federal Bank in Sydney, hired to upgrade the system to manage the trading risks of the bank. She has to prove herself professionally and intellectually to win over the dealers, especially Tom Forrester. He has recently returned from a three-year stint in London to run the Federal Bank’s financial trading operations.

Nicola has been left in the lurch by her ex-husband and does not trust men, lacking confidence in her judgment of them although she is confident of her workforce skills. She lives quietly, keeping her private life to herself and worrying over a secret.

Tom is also divorced, following a marriage experience which left him very disillusioned. He lives in the fast lane and Nicola is not his usual ‘type’ but something about her calls to him.

Does he hold the key to unlocking Nicola’s secret?

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Retreat into Paradise

Re-published Feb 2021.

City girl Hannah Stockton writes histories as her day-job and family histories in her spare time. Needing a temporary escape from a violent boyfriend, she takes up an advertised position as a live-in caretaker ‘with light duties’ at a country retreat outside Melbourne. The owner, Philip Boulton, is a hunky high-flying banker who visits on weekends to attend to his small herd of cattle.

Hannah is dismayed to discover that Philip has been taught all he knows about farming by his next-door neighbour, who lusts after Philip and resents Hannah’s presence. Hannah can’t tell whether Philip is ‘more than friends’ with his guru.

Philip has recently discovered a family secret. Given his profession, he’s sensitive about this fact becoming public. Fearing Hannah’s skills as a family history researcher, he keeps her at a distance while he processes his secret.

Meanwhile, as her ‘boss’, he helps Hannah to overcome her fear of cattle and she learns to love country life … and Philip.

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Trading Secrets

Still Waters Run Deep


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