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Louise Wilson also writes fiction as Louisa Valentine, mainly for Babyboomers and Gen Xers. Louisa's first full-length fictional novel 'Retreat into Paradise' is now available as an Ebook. An Australian rural romance, It falls within Amazon's classification as a 'Western Romance'.


In 2019 she entered a short story competition for historic novelists by converting a factual story from her own Flockton family history into her first attempt at creative non-fiction. The story length could not exceed 3,000 words. Given today's attitudes, 'Ahead of His Time' might have been a good title for this story but in the end the focus was romance, with 'Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes'. 


Please stay in touch. It's easy - just 'Like' the Louisa Valentine Facebook page. Occasional posts on that page will take you back in time, to a certain kind of love story.

Readers' Comments


'Retreat into Paradise' was published on 18 December. I hope to have some reader reactions soon!

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Louisa Valentine, 18 December 2019 
Ebook, 267 pages 
- Online at Amazon

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